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Dental Implant & Maxillofacial Centre

The Dental Implant & Maxillofacial Centre, under the guidance of skilled dentist Dr. James Chow, stands as the best dentist in Hong Kong, with expertise in advanced dentistry and Zygomatic Implants. Committed to delivering exceptional dental services to restore your oral health, the center employs cutting-edge methodologies, different types of dental implants, surgical procedures, and advanced technology to guarantee optimal results for all patients. That’s why they stand as the official ZAGA Center Hong Kong.

The team, dedicated to excellence and composed by the best dentists and surgeons in Hong Kong, ensures that every treatment plan is carefully crafted, taking into account the individual needs and conditions of each patient. This patient-centric approach, combined with continuous learning and adaptation of the latest dental innovations, enables the center to provide not just treatments, but transformative dental experiences, ensuring comfort, satisfaction, and the highest standards of dental care.

Specialist Dentist and Dental Implants in Hong Kong

ZAGA Center Hong Kong is home to a team of highly skilled professional denatls specializing in immediate dental implant loading, zygomatic implants, guided surgery, and navigational surgery. As a result, the center offers a comprehensive range of treatments focused on dental implants, tooth replacement, as well as surgeries involving the mouth, jaw, and face and advanced dental implant surgery as Zygomatic Implants. The clinic’s dedication to patient care, combined with its commitment to providing top-quality treatments, perfectly aligns with the ZAGA philosophy, a fundamental characteristic of every ZAGA Center. 

An Expert Dental Office

Transform your smile and restore your confidence at the leading Dental Implant & Maxillofacial Centre in Hong Kong. Our expert specialists offer comprehensive care and services in dental implants, corrective jaw surgery, and facial procedures. Utilizing the immediate loading technique, they are able to provide patients with a brand new set of fixed teeth within a remarkable 24-hour timeframe. Book your consultation at ZAGA Center Hong Kong and experience exceptional results and personalized treatment for a beautiful, functional smile.

Prof. James Chow, Hong Kong Dental Expert

Prof. Chow is the director of ZAGA Center Hong Kong and a specialist in zygomatic implants. He is part of the pioneering group of locally trained experts in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) in Hong Kong and holds the honorary associate professorship at Hong Kong University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. 

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Chow is a globally recognized speaker and has authored over 20 peer-reviewed articles on dental implants and 3D technologies in OMFS. By consistently staying updated with the latest techniques, Dr. Chow ensures that each patient receives personalized, high-level dental care tailored to their specific needs. 

Learn more about Prof. Chow here.

Dr. James Chow

Smile24h is thrilled to collaborate with the renowned ZAGA Center in Hong Kong, a leader in superior dental care and notably adept in zygomatic implants, prioritizing patient care above all. Since receiving its certification in 2020, The Dental Implant & Maxillofacial Centre has been the preferred ZAGA Center in Hong Kong, distinguished for its expertise in zygomatic implants

As part of the ZAGA Centers Network, the clinic provides comprehensive dental care, tailoring treatments to individual patient needs, focusing on comfort and aesthetics. The center leads in Hong Kong, embracing the latest surgical techniques to ensure safe and effective treatments. The dedicated team is committed to continuous learning and improvement, valuing patient education and support to build trust and empower informed decisions. Choosing the ZAGA Center in Hong Kong means opting for a superior life with excellent dental care and implant expertise from the area’s finest dentists.

We collaborate with top dental care experts in Hong Kong, guaranteeing exceptional services for our patients. These skilled professionals use the latest, most innovative technology and methods. Their dedication, especially in dental implants, ensures our patients receive the highest standard of care and benefit from the latest in dental health advancements, resulting in superior outcomes and complete patient satisfaction when looking for the best dentists in Hong Kong to restore your confidence, smile and complete oral health.

Zygomatic implants are a special kind of dental implant used when regular implants aren’t possible due to insufficient bone in the jaw. At ZAGA Center Hong Kong, these implants work by anchoring securely to the zygomatic bone (cheekbone), which provides a stable base to support the implant. This is crucial for areas with significant bone loss where standard implants might fail.

An implant abutment is then attached to the implants, acting as a connector for the artificial teeth. This setup ensures that the teeth feel and function like natural ones. It’s a precise process that requires detailed planning and skilled execution to ensure the implants are well-positioned and secure.

Zygomatic implants require careful consideration and expertise, as they involve critical structures in the face. The team at ZAGA Center Hong Kong specializes in these implants, using advanced technology and techniques to minimize the risk of implant failure and ensure successful outcomes for patients.