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Mićunović Medical, the best dentists in Montenegro

Mićunović Medical, the exclusive certified ZAGA Center in Montenegro since August 2021, stands out as the best dental expert clinic located in Podgorica. As a renowned expert dentist in Montenegro, they are dedicated to providing patients with cutting-edge treatment options to restore their oral health and improve overall aesthetics.

At Mićunović Medical, you’ll find a team of expert dental professionals in Montenegro. They are experts in the latest dental implant methods and complete oral care. This well-respected clinic is known for its detailed work and modern equipment, making sure every patient gets care that’s tailored just for them. Mićunović Medical is committed to high-quality service and patient happiness, making it the go-to place for expert dental care in the area.

Best Dental Care for Dental Implants in Montenegro

Mićunović Medical provides services in all areas of dentistry, including zygomatic implant-based rehabilitation for patients with bone loss or insufficient bone for implants and advanced surgical procedures to achieve long term success results

Their team of dental experts in Montenegro focuses on the patient’s well-being from the first consultation until the post-procedure follow-up, applying the ZAGA philosophy. They work with state-of-the-art equipment and materials to provide the best expert dental care. Additionally, in ZAGA Center Montenegro, they use the newest techniques in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

An Expert Dental Office

Specializing in dental implant treatments, Mićunović Medical offers a comprehensive range of services, including zygomatic implant rehabilitation. This innovative solution caters to individuals who have experienced implant failure or lack sufficient bone for implant-supported teeth, as it is something common dental implants require. By leveraging advanced techniques, they address even the most challenging dental and implant problems with the utmost expertise.

With a legacy dating back to 1983, Micunovic Medical embodies a harmonious blend of time-honored traditions, extensive knowledge, valuable experience, and deeply ingrained family values. This unique combination enables them to deliver effective solutions surpassing expectations, ensuring exceptional patient care.

Dr. Miljan Mićunović, Montenegro Dental Expert

Dr. Miljan Mićunović is a specialist in stomatology, an oral surgeon, and a zygomatic implant expert. He comes from a long tradition of medical professionals and is the leading dental specialist at Mićunović Medical. He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Pancevo and the Medical Faculty in Podgorica. 

Dr. Mićunović not only provides the best care to his patients, but he can provide support and guide patients in several languages. He treats and welcomes his patients in Albanian, English, Italian, and Spanish, providing unique dental care and patient approach

Learn more about Dr. Mićunović here.

Dr. Miljan Mićunović

Services Provided by ZAGA Center Montenegro, bests dentists on implant dentistry in Montenegro

At ZAGA Center Montenegro, they offer many services for your dental health. Some of their top services include taking care of all aspects of your dental health.

Smile24h is thrilled to team up with the top-rated ZAGA Center in Montenegro, known for its excellent dental services, especially in dental implants. Since getting its certification in 2021, Mićunović Medical has become the go-to ZAGA Center in Montenegro. They’re experts in dental implants procedures, always putting patient care first.

Being part of the ZAGA Centers Network, the clinic provides comprehensive dental services. They tailor treatments for every patient, focusing on comfort and good looks. The clinic is a leader in Montenegro for using the latest in dental surgery, ensuring safe and effective treatments. The staff is committed to learning more and getting better. 

They believe in teaching patients about their care, building trust and helping them make informed decisions. Choosing the ZAGA Center in Montenegro means you’re choosing a better quality of life, with top-notch dental care and implants expertise from some of the best dental experts in Montenegro.

We team up with leading dental care experts in Montenegro to make sure our patients get the best services available when looking for the best dentist options in Montenegro. These professionals use the latest and most innovative tools and methods. They are especially dedicated to dental implants, promising that our patients get top-level care. This focus on being at the cutting edge of dental health brings amazing results and complete happiness for our patients.

Zygomatic implants are a special kind of dental implant used when regular implants aren’t possible due to insufficient bone in the upper jaw or lower. At ZAGA Center Montenegro, these implants work by anchoring securely to the zygomatic bone (cheekbone), which provides a stable base to support the implant, working as a maxillofacial-bone substitute to hold the implant. This is crucial for areas with significant bone loss where standard implants might fail depending on the type of dental implant used.

An implant abutment is then attached to the implants, acting as a connector for the artificial teeth. This setup ensures that the teeth feel and function like natural teeth. It’s a precise surgical procedure that requires detailed planning and skilled execution to ensure the implants are well-positioned and secure, meaning a long term solution.

Zygomatic implants require careful consideration and expertise, as they involve critical structures in the face. The team at ZAGA Center Montenegro specializes in these implants, using advanced technology and techniques to minimize the risk of implant failure and ensure successful outcomes for patients.