Nuffield Dental, Best Dentist In Singapore

Nuffield Dental, team of the best dentists in Singapore

Nuffield Dental, a dental implants expert with focus on Zygomatic Implants in Singapore, is the first ZAGA Center on the island. The clinic was founded in 2014 by Dr. Samintharaj Kumar and is a multi-disciplinary dental group that offers different kinds of treatments, standing as the best dentist in Singapore.

In fact, their professionalism and work approach make Nuffield Dental a top-of-the-line clinic to recover your oral health through their dental services. In November 2020, Nuffield Dental gained international recognition by joining the elite dental clinics in Singapore as ZAGA Center Singapore, specializing in advanced dentistry and Zygomatic Implants.

Expert Dental Care in Singapore

At ZAGA Center Singapore, a team of highly qualified professionals provides an extense variety of treatments, ensuring comprehensive patient care at every step of the procedure, reason why they are known as one of the best dentists in Singapore for dental implants treatments.

To this day, the clinic has 10 convenient locations throughout the island. Patients have the flexibility to choose the location that best suits their needs. Contact us now, and we’ll connect you with the nearest one to you.

An Expert Dental Office for Dental Implants in Singapore

Nuffield Dental provides a permanent solution for missing teeth, including dental implants procedures utilizing fixtures placed into the jaw bone both the root and tooth replacements. They offer All-on-4 treatment for those with a whole row of missing teeth and also excel in zygomatic implant rehabilitation

The clinic’s founder, Dr. Kumar, fosters collaboration among the dental team of best dentists in Singapore to ensure the best patient experience. Continuous training keeps the ZAGA Center Singapore team updated on the latest advancements in advanced dentistry to bring their patients the most effective and long-lasting dental solutions.

Dr. Samintharaj Kumar, Singapore Dental Expert in Dental Implants

Dr. Samintharaj Kumar founded Nuffield Dental, Singapore’s zygomatic implant expert center. He graduated in Dentistry (BDS) from Singapore in 2001 and got a degree in Medicine from London in 2006. 

Since then, he has continued to gain brilliant achievements in dentistry, being the first South-East Asian to receive the David B. Scott Research Fellowship Award (International Association for Dental Research). Dr. Kumar’s work ethic and professionalism make him one of Singapore’s best zygomatic implant experts.

Learn more about Dr. Kumar here.

Dr. Samintharaj Kumar

Smile24h forms an exclusive partnership with ZAGA Centers, known for their outstanding quality and specialized focus on zygomatic implants, always prioritizing the satisfaction and health of their clients. At the ZAGA Center in Singapore, the team places innovation at the forefront, employing the most advanced surgical techniques and technologies to ensure the safety and high precision of procedures. 

The team of professionals at the ZAGA Center commits to ongoing development and training, dedicating themselves to delivering exceptional service and ensuring that each patient receives the most personalized and appropriate care.

Since its accreditation in 2020, Nuffield Dental has established itself as the representative of ZAGA Centers in Singapore, becoming a key reference in the field of zygomatic implants. As a member of the prestigious network of ZAGA Centers, the clinic distinguishes itself through its commitment to providing comprehensive, high-level dental care. The center focuses on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each individual, offering customized solutions that not only enhance aesthetics but also improve comfort.

At the ZAGA Center in Singapore, prioritizing the education and empowerment of patients is a fundamental aspect. Clear and effective communication is encouraged, essential for building a trusting relationship and for making informed decisions about dental health.

Choosing this center means opting for an experience that puts the health and comfort of the patient first, focusing on enhancing the quality of life through top-tier dental care and outstanding specialization in zygomatic implants. By choosing the most skilled dentists in Singapore, you ensure not just a radiant smile but also a service that recognizes and values every aspect of dental care.

Since their inception, the ZAGA Centers have become a landmark in Singapore, quickly establishing their reputation following their accreditation in 2020. The centers boast a team of surgical dentists with extensive experience, specializing in comprehensive oral health restoration.

Offering much more than zygomatic implants, the ZAGA Centers provide a wide range of dental services, always with a focus on the well-being and comfort of their patients. These centers have become a benchmark in Singapore for their innovative dental treatments and commitment to restoring their patients’ smiles. ZAGA Centers proudly operate certified clinics in 25 countries and continue to grow their renown, attracting an increasing number of patients who trust their vast expertise to meet their dental needs.

Find your nearest ZAGA Center and place yourself in the hands of the top professionals!

In the realm of implant dentistry, understanding the array of dental implants and treatment options is crucial for crafting a tailored treatment plan, ensuring the successful integration of artificial teeth that function and feel like natural tooth roots. The type of dental implant selected is pivotal in determining the long-term success of the dental implant surgery.

Endosteal implants are the most commonly used in implant dentistry. Suitable for those with a healthy jawbone, these implants are directly inserted into the bone, serving as an artificial root. After the implant integrates with the bone, a second procedure attaches a post to the implant, upon which the artificial teeth are mounted. 

For individuals lacking a healthy jawbone and who prefer not to undergo a bone graft, subperiosteal implants offer an alternative. Positioned under the gum but above the jawbone, these implants utilize a metal frame fitted onto the bone, with posts that protrude through the gums to anchor artificial teeth.

Zygomatic implants present a more complex option and are generally considered when there is inadequate jawbone for an endosteal implant. These are anchored in the patient’s cheekbone rather than the jawbone.

Beyond choosing the implant type, implant dentistry may involve additional surgical procedures to ensure a solid foundation for the implants. Techniques like bone augmentation, sinus lifts, or ridge expansion are employed to reinforce or reshape the bone when it’s insufficient for implant support. Bone grafting, a pivotal process, adds bone mass to areas where the natural bone is lacking, securing a stable base for the implant and contributing to the treatment’s long-term viability.

Crafting a comprehensive treatment plan in implant dentistry is a meticulous process. It involves evaluating the most suitable type of dental implant, considering any necessary preparatory surgical procedures, and ensuring the patient’s specific needs are met. This holistic approach guarantees not just the functionality of the dental implant treatments but also their aesthetic integration, offering patients a renewed sense of confidence and well-being.

The expert dental team at ZAGA Center Singapore usually suggests zygomatic implants for patients who can’t use regular dental implants. This happens mainly when someone’s jawbone isn’t thick or strong enough to hold traditional implants. Instead of placing the implant in the usual jawbone, zygomatic implants are anchored in the cheekbone, providing a stable alternative.

People who have lost a lot of jawbone, maybe because they’ve had dentures for a long time, have gum disease, or have other health issues affecting their bones, might be good candidates for zygomatic implants. These implants are also a popular choice for those who want to avoid complex bone-building surgeries, like bone grafts or sinus lifts, which are often needed to prepare the jawbone for traditional implants. 

At ZAGA Center Singapore, the dental team carefully considers each patient’s unique situation. They recommend zygomatic implants when they believe these will offer the best results, ensuring a successful implant that feels and functions well for the patient.

The All-on-4 treatment is a revolutionary approach in implant dentistry designed to provide a secure and stable foundation for artificial teeth. This technique is especially beneficial for individuals with significant tooth loss or decay and is a popular alternative to traditional dentures.

At the core of the All-on-4 treatment is the strategic placement of four dental implants in the jawbone. These implants act as sturdy anchors for a full arch of artificial teeth. What sets this method apart is its ability to often bypass the need for extensive bone grafting, a common prerequisite for implant procedures in patients with bone loss.

The procedure involves placing two implants at the front of the mouth and two at the back, angled in such a way to maximize the use of the existing bone. Once the implants are in place, they are immediately loaded with a temporary set of teeth. After a healing period, during which the implants fuse with the bone, these temporary teeth are replaced with a permanent, custom-made set.

The All-on-4 treatment is celebrated for its ability to restore full dental function almost immediately, offering a long-term, natural-looking solution. Patients appreciate the treatment for the comfort, convenience, and the confidence it restores in their smile.