Best Dentist In Tokyo For Dental Implants

ORC Implant Clinic

In Tokyo, Japan, ORC Implant Clinic joined the ZAGA Centers Network in June 2020 as ZAGA Center Tokyo. ORC Implant Clinic in Japan became part of the ZAGA Centers Network in June 2020. They now call it ZAGA Center TokyoThis certification acknowledges them as one of the best dentists in Tokyo.

They specialize in advanced dentistry and dental implants surgery, particularly Zygomatic Implants and Full-Mouth Reconstruction Treatments

Dr. Ando is a top surgeon at the clinic. He specializes in zygomatic implants and is well-known in Tokyo for his expertise in restorative dentistry. ORC Implant Clinic offers various treatments, including All-on-4 flapless and zygomatic implants.

Dr. Ando and his team at ORC Implant Clinic dedicate themselves to providing top-notch dental care to their patients. They make sure each patient gets personalized treatment that fits their needs, with a focus on accuracy and skill. The clinic in Tokyo is a top choice for dental implants because of its modern facilities and advanced technology.

If you need a dental implant or full-mouth restoration, ORC Implant Clinic can help. They have the expertise and experience to provide great results with their surgical procedures. Their commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction sets them apart as the best dentist in Tokyo for dental implants. Trust your smile to the experts at ORC Implant Clinic and experience the difference that quality care can make.

Best Dental Care and Dental Implants in Tokyo

ZAGA Center Tokyo‘s goal is to share their expertise in implant treatments through happy, healthy patients. Thanks to its professionalism, ORC Implant Clinic provides patients with advanced dental treatment and improved oral health. The whole team focuses on helping patients recover their quality of life through new functional, natural-looking teeth.

ORC Implant Clinic in Tokyo offers top-notch dental care and implants with advanced technology and skilled dentists. Moreover, they will take care of your natural teeth too. Patients can trust ORC Implant Clinic for excellent results that improve oral health and overall quality of life. The clinic is a Certified ZAGA Center, dedicated to the “patient-first Approach

ORC Implant Clinic commits to providing personalized care and achieving successful results for every patient trough dental implant procedures. They can replace one tooth or perform a full mouth makeover. Their goal is to prevent any implant problems. Say goodbye to dental issues and hello to a confident, healthy smile with the help of ORC Implant Clinic.

An Expert Dental Clinic in Tokyo

The professionals at ORC Implant Clinic specialize in various fields of dentistry and oral surgery. They understand the importance of fixing all teeth, dedicating themselves to providing excellent results. They aim to enhance patients’ lives through their extensive experience in dental implants and treatment plans for artificial teeth.

At ORC Implant, they use the ZAGA philosophy to provide personalized treatment for zygomatic rehabilitation. This approach is less invasive and provides better long-term results compared to removable dentures or bone grafting.

Dr. Takuma Ando, Advanced Dentistry and Dental Implants Expert in Tokyo

Dr. Ando is the head of ZAGA Center Tokyo and ORC Implant Clinic. He is the son of Prof. Masami Ando, a famous zygomatic implant surgeon, known as the fastest zygomatic implants surgeon in the world. 

Dr. Takuma Ando has been a dentist for over 14 years, specializing in dental implants since graduating. Dr. Ando is an expert in Full Arch and Zygomatic Implants treatments.

He follows in his father’s footsteps as a top dentist for dental implants in Tokyo. Dr. Ando is a certified ZAGA Doctor in Tokyo, providing great care to patients. He is also a specialist in the Japanese Society of Implantology and teaches at Showa University. He believes in continuous learning and staying current with new techniques.

Learn more about Dr. Ando here.

Doctor Takuma Ando, Certified ZAGA Dr on ZAGA Center Tokyo

Services Provided by ZAGA Center Tokyo, the best dentists in implant dentistry in Tokyo

At ZAGA Center Tokyo, they offer many services for your dental health. Some of their top services include taking care of all aspects of your dental health.