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IOC Dental Clinic

IOC Dental Clinic, known internationally as ZAGA Canarias Center and expert professional dentist in the Canary Islands, became part of the ZAGA Canarias the ZAGA network in January 2019. The center is managed by the expert inzygomatic implants Dr. Manuel Martín Luque.

His leadership, together with the experience of his team, has undoubtedly made the clinic a unique dental center that helps patients regain their quality of life, providing them with the best care and always having the focus on their wellbeing and optimal oral and dental health.

Expert dental care in the Canary Islands

IOC Dental Clinic offers its patients the best dental experience through a highly highly qualified human teamthat combines the most modern modern diagnostic techniques and dental treatments.. In addition, they work with cutting-edge technology in the field of dentistry and zygomatic implants. zygomatic implants. To maintain the high level, the ZAGA Canary Islands Center provides constant training to its team in the latest techniques in oral and maxillofacial the most advanced techniques in oral health and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

An Expert Dental Clinic

IOC Dental Clinicrecognized by the international ZAGA network as a center of excellence, performs its work with passion and vocation, thanks to a great team of more than 120 a great team of more than 120 professional dentists in the Canary Islands.. The specialists are always up to date with the latest techniques and treatments.

The constant mission of the professionals of the ZAGA Canarias Center is to take the utmost care of the dental health of all its patients and to constantly improve its services.

Dr. Manuel Martín Luque, Dental Expert Canarias

Dr. Martín Luque is a highly highly qualified professional with various degrees and specializationsHe is also active as a teacher and lecturer in various institutions, both nationally and internationally. Currently, Dr. Manuel Martín is the oral surgeon of reference and coordinator of the ZAGA Canary Islands Center.. An expert in zygomatic implants, his priorities are the patient’s well-being from the first diagnostic visit to the placement of fixed teeth and long-term success.

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Dr Manuel Martín Luque dental expert

Dental Implants in 24 hours with Dr. Manuel Martín Luque

Dr. Manuel Martín guides us through the process of oral rehabilitation with dental implants. Discover the revolutionary technique of zygomatic implants and receive valuable advice for those who are looking for a lasting and safe solution to restore their smile.

Smile24h works exclusively with ZAGA Centers, certified centers of the highest quality specialized in zygomatic implants, with special focus and attention always on the client’s wellbeing.

Committed to innovation, at the ZAGA Center of the Canary Islands the most advanced technologies and surgical techniques are used, which translates into safe and effective procedures. The constant training of the professional team ensures that patients always receive the best possible treatment.

Since its certification in 2019, OIC Dental Clinic is constituted as the ZAGA Center in the Canary Islands, consolidating itself as a reference in the area of zygomatic implants. As part of the global network of ZAGA CentersThis center stands out for its excellence in comprehensive dental care. It focuses on understanding and meeting the individual needs of each patient, ensuring customized treatments that result in superior aesthetics and comfort.

The patient education and empowerment patients are a priority at the ZAGA ZAGA Center of the Canary Islandspromoting a transparent transparent communication that helps build a relationship of trust and facilitates informed oral health decisions. Choosing this center means opting for a expertise focused on wellness and comfortwith a focus on improving quality of life through exceptional dental care and outstanding expertise in zygomatic implants.

From its beginnings, ZAGA Centers, with a notable presence in the Canary Islands since its certification in 2019, has integrated highly experienced surgical dentists incomplete oral rehabilitation into its team.

Offering everything from zygomatic implants to a wide range of treatments, ZAGA Centers’ main focus has always been patient comfort and wellness, providing the ultimate in dental care in the Canary Islands to restore smiles. Today, ZAGA Centers has accredited clinics in 25 countries, attracting a growing number of patients who rely on its expertise to solve their oral health problems.

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Dental implants represent a sophisticated technique for replacing missing or damaged teeth. This practice involves the insertion of titanium posts into the jaw bone by surgery, serving as substitutes for dental roots to maintain crowns, bridges or dentures. These implants are both a durable and visually appealing solution, helping to improve chewing ability and the esthetic appearance of the smile.

The dental implants are titanium structures that are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. to replace the root of a missing tooth. About these, crowns or bridges are placed that mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth.

On the other hand, dental prostheses dental prostheses are removable devices that replace several missing teeth.. These can be partials (replacing some teeth) or total total (replacing all the teeth in an arch). The prostheses are supported on the gums and, in some cases, on adjacent teeth.

Zygomatic implants are intended for patients with significant bone reduction in the upper jaw, where conventional dental implants are not an option, zygomatic implants are the ideal solution. This advanced technique uses the zygomatic bone, also known as the cheek bone, to attach the implants. This provides a firm foundation for the complete dental restoration. It is an effective and durable alternative for complex cases of dental reconstruction.