Expert Dentist in the Canary Islands

IOC Dental Clinic

IOC Dental Clinic known internationally as ZAGA Center Canarias an expert dentist in the Canary Islands became part of the ZAGA network in January 2019. The center is directed by the expert in zygomatic implants Dr. Manuel Martín Luque. His leadership, together with the experience of his team, make the clinic a unique dental center that helps patients recover their quality of life, providing them with the best care.

Expert dental care in the Canary Islands

IOC Dental Clinic offers its patients the best dental experience through a highly qualified team that combines the most modern techniques of diagnosis and treatment. In addition, they work with cutting-edge technology in the field of dentistry and zygomatic implants. To maintain the high level, the ZAGA Canarias Center provides constant training to its team.

An Expert Dental Clinic

IOC Dental Clinic is recognized by the international ZAGA network as a center of excellence. They perform the care with passion and vocation, thanks to a great team of more than 120 professionals. The specialists are always up to date with the latest techniques and treatments. The mission of the professionals at ZAGA Center Canarias is to take the utmost care of the dental health of all its patients and to constantly improve its services.

Dr. Manuel Martín Luque, Dental Expert Canarias

Dr. Martin Luque is a highly qualified professional with various degrees and specializations, in addition to actively teaching and lecturing at various institutions, both nationally and internationally. Currently, Dr. Manuel Martín is the oral surgeon of reference and coordinator of the ZAGA Canarias Center. An expert in zygomatic implants, his priorities are the patient’s well-being from the first diagnostic visit to the placement of fixed teeth and long-term success. Learn more about Dr. Manuel Martín here.

Dr Manuel Martín Luque dental expert

Dental Implants in 24 hours with Dr. Manuel Martín Luque

Dr. Manuel Martín guides us through the process of oral rehabilitation with dental implants. Discover the revolutionary technique of zygomatic implants and receive valuable advice for those who are looking for a lasting and safe solution to restore their smile.