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Coastal Jaw Surgery

Coastal Jaw Surgery proudly serves as the leading dental expert in Tampa Bay, specializing in a wide range of dental procedures, and is renowned for its expertise in zygomatic implants. Under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Michael Pikos, they have distinguished themselves as the first certified ZAGA Center in the area. With international recognition as ZAGA Center Tampa Bay, they have become an integral part of the esteemed network of ZAGA zygomatic experts since March 2019. Since then, Coastal Jaw Surgery has solidified its reputation as a renowned destination for exceptional full-mouth rehabilitation and zygomatic implant placement, guided by the expertise of Dr. Michael A. Pikos.

Expert Dental Care in Tampa Bay, US

Coastal Jaw Surgery prioritizes the well-being of patients throughout their entire treatment journey, following the principles of the ZAGA philosophy. The clinic is designed to cater to individuals with oral and maxillofacial concerns, offering exceptional care and specialized solutions. Led by Dr. Michael A. Pikos, a renowned Implant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and authority in dental implant surgical reconstruction. They ensure that patients receive expert dental care tailored to their unique needs.

An Expert Dental Office

Coastal Jaw Surgery provides expert oral health care services, including Same Day Teeth®, dental implants, oral surgery, and periodontal services. Their dedicated professionals deliver VIP Treatment using cutting-edge dental technology for personalized and comfortable care. Services include 3D Cone Beam Digital X-Rays for precise treatment planning and multiple sedation options. With over three decades of experience, they have served thousands of patients in the Tampa Bay area.

Dr Michael Pikos, Tampa Bay Dental Expert

Let us introduce you to Dr. Michael A. Pikos, the founder and CEO of Coastal Jaw Surgery and the Pikos Institute. This medical center offers lectures to other dental professionals from all over the world. With Dr. Pikos’ extensive experience in implant surgery, having successfully placed over 26,000 implants, and his expertise in performing thousands of hard and soft tissue grafting procedures, you can trust that you’re in the hands of a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional.

Let Dr. Michael A. Pikos and his dedicated team at Coastal Jaw Surgery guide you on your journey to restored teeth. Experience their commitment to excellence and their passion for transforming smiles. Learn more about Dr. Pikos here.

Dr Michael Pikos expert in dental treatments