What are Removable and Fixed Dentures?

If you want to restore several missing teeth, getting dentures is the most traditional option for teeth replacement. Some of the most common types of dentures are fixed and removable dentures. What are the differences between them, and how do you choose the right one?

What is a Removable Denture?

Removable dentures are prosthetic devices that are designed to replace missing teeth and are custom-made to fit over the gums. They consist of artificial teeth set into a plastic or acrylic base that is designed to match the color of the patient’s natural teeth. Removable dentures can be used to replace all of a patient’s teeth or just a few missing teeth. They are typically held in place by suction or a dental adhesive, and can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. Removable dentures provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for individuals who have lost their natural teeth and are seeking a way to restore their smile and improve their oral health. However, they may require some adjustment time to get used to wearing them, and they can sometimes feel loose or uncomfortable. It is important to follow a good oral hygiene routine to keep your removable dentures clean and in good condition.

Removable denture photo

What is an Implant- Supported Denture?

Fixed dentures, also known as bridges, are similar to removable dentures, but they are anchored in place by the remaining natural teeth or by dental implants. Fixed dentures consist of one or more artificial teeth, called pontics, attached to crowns on either side. The crowns are placed over the remaining natural teeth or dental implants, which serve as anchors for the bridge. Fixed dentures can replace one or a few missing teeth in a row, providing a permanent solution that can help preserve the jawbone and improve oral health. When it comes to choosing between removable and fixed dentures, there are several factors to consider, including the number of missing teeth, the location of the missing teeth, and your overall oral health. For example, suppose you have lost all of your teeth. In that case, a full arch of removable dentures is the best option for you, as they provide a comfortable and convenient solution that can restore your bite and improve your overall oral health.

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