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Dr. Kraus Dentists + Implant Clinic

Dr. Kraus Zahnärzte + Implantatklinik has been the ZAGA Center Frankfurt-Mainz since January 2020 and has established itself as the leading oral surgery and implantology specialist dental center in the Rhine-Main area. As pioneers of Zygoma implants in Germany, the team of specialists led by Dr. Daniel Kraus in Frankfurt and Mainz offers effective solutions for patients with edentulism and severe jaw atrophy.

Competent dental and implantology care in Frankfurt, Mainz and the Rhine-Main region

When it comes to competent dental and implantological care in Frankfurt, patients benefit from over 25 years of implant expertise at Dr. Kraus Zahnärzte + Implantatklinik, the ZAGA-Zentrum Frankfurt-Mainz. With several tens of thousands of successful implant treatments and many years of specialization in the immediate implantological restoration of entire jaws, patients can receive fixed, implant-supported dentures here – even in cases of severe bone loss. The clinic is in an easily accessible location and is equipped with the latest technology, which guarantees treatments of the highest standard. The team at the ZAGA Center Frankfurt-Mainz has set itself the task of offering individual treatment solutions that are tailored to the different needs of each individual patient.

Implantology competence center for immediate restorations in the Rhine-Main region

In the Dr. Kraus Dentists + Implant Clinic the entire team concentrates on beautiful, healthy teeth and restoring them in the event of illness or tooth loss. Prevention is also an important focus, i.e. the active diagnosis and treatment of dental problems before they become a problem. The dentists and dental technicians at the ZAGA Center Frankfurt-Mainz have extensive expertise in aesthetics and function and know how important straight and white teeth are for a beautiful smile. If it is not possible to preserve natural teeth using advanced techniques, patients can rely on many years of expertise to restore their own teeth with bridges and crowns. In cases of tooth loss where dental implants, including zygoma implantsare required, the ZAGA Center Frankfurt-Mainz distinguishes itself by offering effective solutions even for severe dental problems. Patient satisfaction and oral health are our top priorities.

Dr. Daniel Kraus M.Sc. M.Sc., specialist dentist for oral surgery

With over 20 years of experience in implantology, Dr. Daniel Kraus is a highly qualified expert who has successfully placed tens of thousands of implants. He has completed numerous advanced training courses in implantology and zygomatic surgery in Germany and abroad, learning from renowned speakers such as Prof. Dr. Malo, Dr. Aparicio, Prof. Hürzeler, Prof. Wachtel and others. Dr. Kraus’ extensive wealth of experience ensures that his patients receive the best possible care. Find out more about Dr. Kraus here.

Dr. Daniel Kraus zygomatic expert