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About Smile24h

We are your free quality identification service that connects you with the best experts in complete denture rehabilitation.

Thanks to close collaboration with an international network of dental specialists, we are able to help you find the best dental solution from the comfort of your home.

Our Dentists

Our professionals specialize in advanced implant treatments, enabling them to complete dental rehabilitation with dental implants within 24 hours of initial implant surgery.

Patient-centered approach

Committed to restoring patients’ quality of life and confidence, our certified doctors adapt each treatment to patients’ needs and dental anatomy, making any procedure less invasive and more efficient.

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Global Network of Dental Experts

Smile 24h works with certified ZAGA CentersThese locally exclusive clinics are part of a network of global experts in all treatments related to full-mouth rehabilitation. As a patient-focused community, Smile24h was born out of a need to provide high-quality information to each of us needing dental treatments.

All treatments are performed by experienced dental surgeons, trained and certified in the most advanced surgical techniques to restore your smile and teeth. Combining a strong work ethic with empathy, each dentist strives to find a solution to your dental condition that meets your needs and expectations.

Moreover, all doctors of ZAGA Centers follow the same philosophy based on the fact that each patient’s dental anatomy is unique. Therefore, the treatment is adapted to the patient’s needs and anatomy. This individual approach significantly improved the long-term results of fixed teeth on dental implants while restoring patients’ dentures in a shorter time.

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What to expect from Smile24h

Smile 24h is the online assistance platform that guides you through the entire process of teeth restoration, from initial investigation and understanding of the treatment procedure, through diagnostic to complete dental rehabilitation.

After just one surgical procedure, patients can expect dentures that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Recovery time after surgery is also much shorter than conventional approaches.

When you reach out to Smile24h, we connect you with the local expert in your area to find a solution that fits your needs. This is the first step of a journey to change your quality of life in experts’ hands dramatically.

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