Best Dentist in Moscow For Dental Implants

Discover Smile 24h Expert Clinic in Moscow and meet our certified specialist, Dr. Maxim Kopylov. Have a look at this short video as Dr. Kopylov introduces himself and his practice, highlighting the comprehensive range of services and the skilled team of dental professionals at MaxTreat Perio Center. Dr. Kopylov and his team ensure the best outcomes for any dental case, offering exceptional care and expertise.

MaxTreat Perio Center, Experts in Dental Implants in Moscow

MaxTreat Perio Center, now proudly recognized as the certified ZAGA Center Moscow specializes in All-on-4, Zygomatic Dental Implants and a wide array of advanced dental restoration treatments for edentulous patients. The clinic is committed to providing diverse types of dental implants tailored to meet the specific needs of its patients, ensuring the highest quality treatments and exceptional surgical procedures.

Under the expert leadership of Dr. Maxim Kopylov, ZAGA Center Moscow focuses on advancing dental implant surgeries for comprehensive dental restoration with All-on-4 and zygomatic implants. Welcoming patients from around the globe, ZAGA Center Moscow is considered the premier destination for top-tier dental implant care in Moscow and the team of best dentists in Moscow.

Renowned for excellence in dental care, MaxTreat Perio Center is among the leading dental clinics in Russia. Dr. Kopylov is a highly skilled and esteemed dentist in Moscow, known for his proficiency and experience in advanced dentistry techniques. From traditional implants to the most innovative treatments, the clinic offers solutions that provide fixed teeth in just one day. The team of professionals ensures meticulous care and maintenance of your oral health and natural teeth.

The clinic boasts luxurious, state-of-the-art facilities where personalized service is its hallmark. At MaxTreat Perio Center, patients receive VIP care from their first visit through the completion of their treatment. 

MaxTreat Perio Center is celebrated for pioneering dental implant treatments and is a top choice for those seeking expert solutions in all-on-4 and zygomatic implants. The clinic offers innovative and unique options for dental implants and artificial teeth, ensuring patients receive quality, long-lasting solutions and preventing implant failure.

Led by Dr. Kopylov, the team of the best dentists in Moscow employs advanced dental technology to provide not just procedures but healing experiences. The clinic understands the importance of a healthy smile for confidence and well-being. It welcomes patients to achieve their dental goals in a friendly and supportive environment, always working aligned with the ZAGA Philosophy and its “patient-first” approach.

Expert dental care and dental implants in Moscow

MaxTreat Perio Center in Moscow, the only Certified ZAGA Center in Moscow, also known as Smile24h Expert Clinic Moscow, stands out among dental clinics in Russia. It utilizes digital technology and advanced methods for treatments such as full-mouth rehabilitation for edentulous patients.

This sets the clinic apart regarding the quality of care and services provided. The clinic’s focus on innovation and cutting-edge techniques ensures patients receive the best possible treatment. Under the expert guidance of maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Maxim Kopylov, these advanced technologies guarantee impeccable results.

Moreover, Dr. Kopylov and his team provide excellent, personalized care to each patient, making every dental visit special and memorable.

The team of professionals at Maxtreat Perio Center, ZAGA Center Moscow,  offers top-quality dental care and advanced treatments. They specialize in advanced dental implantology procedures, always looking for the less-invasive solutions to achieve patient expectations with exceptional outcomes.

The Best Clinic of Experts in Dental Implants in Moscow

At MaxTreat Perio Center, Dr. Kopylov and his team of dental experts work hard to give patients the best experience possible. They put all their energy into helping each person and addressing each case as unique. They use personalized methods to get the best and longest-lasting results, focusing on each patient’s individual needs and expectations.

At the official ZAGA Center Moscow, excellence, quality, and personalization are their core working principles. Highly recommended as one of our Smile 24h expert clinics, they ensure that patients have a positive experience by demonstrating their attentive listening skills, understanding patient needs, and providing compassionate care from the initial treatment through to the post-surgery follow-up.

Dr. Maxim Kopylov, Oral Surgeon and Dental Implants Expert in Moscow

Dr. Maxim Kopylov is an esteemed oral surgeon, periodontist, and prosthetist, leading the MaxTreat Perio Center in Moscow. With over 20 years of practice and 20,000 implants placed, he specializes in complex osteoplastic surgeries and soft tissue management. In 2024, Dr. Kopylov was certified as a ZAGA Doctor, a qualification that proves his excellence and expertise in the field of zygomatic implants and full-mouth rehabilitation treatments.

Educated at top institutions, Dr. Kopylov holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Izhevsk State Medical Academy and has undergone professional retraining in prosthetics and surgical dentistry. He is also the Vice-President of the Periodontal Association of Russia and the founder of MaxTreat Perio Center and MaxTreat Club. His contributions to scientific publications and patents highlight his commitment to advancing dental practices.

Dr. Kopylov is renowned for his innovative techniques and patient-centric approach, providing exceptional care and achieving outstanding results in dental implants and aesthetic dentistry.

Contact Dr. Kopylov to explore how his expertise can help you achieve a confident, functional, and beautiful smile with a personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Maxim Kopylov, Certified ZAGA Doctor from ZAGA Center Moscow