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Implantree, team of the best dentist in Chennai

Implantree International Dental Clinic, co-founded by renowned dental implant surgeons Prof. Johnson Raja James and Dr. Sree Lekhsmi Midhun, is a leading zygomatic implant expert center in Chennai. Recognized as the first ZAGA Center in India, Implantree Clinic, led by Prof. Johnson Raja James, specializes in tailored care for patients with severe maxillary atrophy, something that has earned them recognition as the best dentist in Chennai. They offer exceptional solutions for those seeking restoration and renewed smiles, even in cases deemed unsuitable for fixed dentures.

The clinic is a beacon of excellence and innovation in dental implant treatments. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Implantree ensures that each patient benefits from the most sophisticated treatment options

The team, guided by Prof. Johnson Raja James and Dr. Sree Lekhsmi Midhun, is committed to more than just medical procedures; they aim to provide a holistic, caring treatment experience, aligned with the ZAGA Philosophy. This commitment to top-tier care and innovation makes Implantree a leader in the field, bringing hope and renewed confidence to those looking to enhance their lives through superior dental solutions.

Expert Dental Care and dental implants in Chennai

ImplanTree is an exceptional dental implant clinic in Chennai, renowned for its expertise in zygomatic and pterygoid dental implant surgeries. Using advanced methods like the ‘A Single Day Procedure’ they ensure efficient implant placement and long-lasting results. They use only top-quality dental equipment and products from global providers to deliver expert dental care to their patients.

An Expert Dental Office in Dental Implants

The objective of the dental specialists at ImplantTree is to provide the best treatments at an affordable rate. For this reason, the clinic combines quality healthcare with a modern infrastructure. Due to its skills and competence, ImplantTree International has put smiles on the faces of over 500 people across India, Bangladesh, and the UAE, earning recognition as the team of the best dentists in India on several occasions.. Start the journey toward your new smile with Prof. Dr. Raja James at the ImplantTree clinic.

Prof. Johnson Raja James, Best Dentist in Chennai

Prof. Johnson Raja James is a renowned zygomatic implant expert and a senior implant consultant at ImplanTree International. He graduated in Periodontics from Ragas Dental College and Hospital and completed his studies with specializations nationally and internationally. 

Prof. Johnson Raja James combines his profession as a dentist and zygomatic implant expert with teaching and serves as an Honorary Professor at the Academic Board of Lincoln University in Malaysia. Also, he is a mentor for the Extra Maxillary Approach for Zygomatic Implants


Learn more about Prof. Johnson Raja James here.

Prof Johnson Raja James zygomatic implant expert

Smile24h is delighted to announce its collaboration with the prestigious ZAGA Center in Chennai, a leader in outstanding dental services, especially noted for its skill in zygomatic implants and dedication to prioritizing patient care. Since its certification in 2020, Implantree International Dental Clinic has become the preferred ZAGA Center in Chennai, recognized for its in-depth expertise in zygomatic implants.

As part of the ZAGA Centers Network, the clinic provides comprehensive dental services, tailoring treatments to perfectly fit the individual needs of each patient, with an emphasis on ensuring comfort and enhancing aesthetic results. 

The center stands out in Chennai for adopting the most advanced surgical techniques, ensuring both safe and effective treatment options. The devoted team is committed to continuous learning and growth, emphasizing the importance of patient education and support to nurture trust and promote informed decision-making. Choosing the ZAGA Center in Chennai means opting for an enhanced lifestyle characterized by exceptional dental care and implant expertise, provided by some of the finest dentists in the area.

We collaborate with leading dental care experts in Chennai, guaranteeing that our patients benefit from unmatched services, like the ones provided at ZAGA Center Chennai. These professionals utilize the latest, most innovative technology and methods. Their dedication, especially in the field of dental implants, ensures that the patients receive the highest level of care. This commitment to being at the cutting edge of dental health innovation translates into exceptional outcomes and complete patient satisfaction.

Our ZAGA Center in Chennai excels in providing zygomatic dental implant surgery, a perfect solution for those who can’t have standard implants due to bone loss in their upper or lower jaw. This type of implant securely attaches to the cheekbone, creating a solid base to support the implant and the artificial teeth, especially helpful where significant bone loss makes traditional implants unsuitable.

In this procedure, the dentists will attach a connector, called an implant abutment, to the zygomatic implants. This ensures that your artificial teeth are stable, look natural, and work just like your own teeth. ZAGA Center Chennai skilled team performs this careful and precise surgical procedure, ensuring the perfect placement of each implant for a lasting solution.

Zygomatic implant surgery is complex and needs expert hands, especially since it involves important facial structures. They minimize risks and aim for the best outcomes, so patients can enjoy excellent oral health and a confident smile.