Professional Dentist in Tallinn

Happy Smile Hambaravi

Happy Smile Dentistry is a specialized dental clinic in Tallinn offering high-quality dental care, including dental implants. They are the only ZAGA Center in Tallinn as of July 2021 that is recognized for its expertise in zygomatic implants and full-mouth restoration. ZAGA Center Tallinn is conveniently located in the heart of the city and is equipped with state-of-the-art and modern dental equipment.

Expert dental care in Tallinn

At ZAGA Center Tallinn, they prioritize the use of high-quality materials and the use of the most advanced techniques in their treatments. Happy Smile Dental Clinic values the well-being of its patients and offers a personalized approach with the best dental care.

Expert Dental Clinic

ZAGA Center Tallinn team consists of dental professionals with over 20 years of experience treating patients in need of dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation. They gained their experience through vast training in various clinics around the world. The clinic cares for the absolute well-being of patients and applies the ZAGA philosophy to each case, focusing on providing less invasive solutions based on each patient’s specific anatomy. They are always happy to support and advise their patients before, through, and after the treatment. Given its central location, ZAGA Center Tallinn is also easily accessible for international patients. Interestingly, the highly qualified multilingual staff speak Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish.

Dr. Sergey Zhzhonov, Tallinn Dental Expert

Dr. Sergey Zhzhonov is the main specialist in zygomatic implants at the Tallinn ZAGA Center. He graduated from Novosibirsk State Medical Institute in 1990. Immediately after graduation, he started working at the State Dental Polyclinic. He continued his education in Estonia and abroad, traveling to Israel and Germany to acquire new methods and skills. Dr. Zhzhonov has over 15 years of experience in the field of dentistry, helping patients restore their teeth and social life. For more information about Dr. Zhzhonov, click here.

Dr Sergey zhzhonov, Certified ZAGA Doctor