Expert Dentist in Mexico City

Bosques Dental Group, Del Valle

Grupo Dental Bosques is the first ZAGA Center in Mexico, recognized as a center of excellence in zygomatic implants. Its main objective is to provide patients with the best possible treatment, not only in the medical and dental field but also as an unparalleled experience. They are experts in full arch implant reconstruction and zygomatic implants.

Expert dental care in Mexico City

Grupo Dental Bosques, a center of excellence in zygomatic implants since 2022, has been transforming smiles for more than 30 years. Located in Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City, they offer specialized services to restore dental health and esthetics. Its team of experts provides customized solutions through fixed prosthesis with dental implants, ensuring the best care for their patients. In addition to complete rehabilitations, they also offer a variety of advanced treatments such as bone regenerations, tissue grafts, and periodontal treatments to address different dental needs in a comprehensive manner.

An Expert Dental Clinic

At Bosques Dental Group they understand the importance of recovering lost teeth. Their dental reconstruction department performs a detailed analysis of complex cases and offers total implant rehabilitation for those with terminal dentition. In addition, the experts at the ZAGA Center in Mexico City have a surgical department that seeks to improve the oral health of their patients. With digital smile design, you can preview the final results before starting treatment. Try it now!

Dr. Andrés Peñalva, Dental Expert Mexico City

Dr. AndrésPeñalva received his dental degree from the Universidad Intercontinental de Mexico. Subsequently, he completed his specialty in Advanced Periodontics and Implant Surgery at the same university. Currently, he is a member of several organizations and a professor at the Universidad Intercontinental in the areas of Periodontics and Implantology, as well as at UNAM ENES in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery program. He is also a speaker for several companies.

Dr. Peñalva is an expert in zygomatic implants, full-arch treatments, and bone reconstruction, and has more than 15 years of experience in smile restoration. Learn more about Dr. Peñalva here.

Dr. Andrés Peñalva zygomatic expert