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Lorian Medical Clinic, a Team of the Best Dentists in Tel Aviv

Lorian Medical is the best dentist in Tel Aviv and a renowned zygomatic implant specialist center, offering expertise in other types of dental implants too. The clinic is also proudly recognized as ZAGA Center Tel Aviv, Israel’s first ZAGA Center. Founded by Dr. Adi Lorian, a leading zygomatic implant expert, and oral and maxillofacial surgeon, the clinic excels in treating patients with complex cases. Joining the esteemed ZAGA Centers Network in June 2020, Lorian Medical remains at the forefront of dental care and advanced dental treatments.

At Lorian Medical, every patient gets a personalized plan. Dr. Lorian’s deep know-how and modern dental tech make sure even the toughest cases get top care. The clinic’s focus on detail and patient care means they don’t just fix smiles; they boost confidence and life quality, making them a leading dental center in Tel Aviv which offers fixed smiles in 24 hours.

Expert Dental Care in Tel Aviv

ZAGA Center Tel Aviv provides personalized surgical and therapeutic approaches, tailoring treatment plans for each patient. Their commitment lies in offering continuous support throughout the entire process, from preoperative to postoperative care. With a team of experts and advanced technology, they strive for excellence, ensuring professional and compassionate service by the best dentists in Tel Aviv. Located in Tel Aviv, they operate multiple state-of-the-art treatment rooms approved by the Ministry of Health.

An Expert Dental Office in Tel Aviv

Lorian Medical, internationally recognized as ZAGA Center Tel Aviv, is a modern facility that provides zygomatic implants, reconstructive and regenerative treatment, as well as periodontal therapy. They use the latest innovations and biotechnologies to achieve the best result. 

The clinic also provides individualized, patient-centered, and specialized care. That is why the team of specialists works in full compliance with the ZAGA philosophy that puts the well-being of the patients first. The clinic is also a private academy and training center that offers courses and lectures for dentists.

Dr. Adi Lorian, Tel Aviv Dental Expert

Dr Adi Lorian is an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and a zygomatic implant expert. He constantly engages in research on dental and zygomatic implants and related procedures. 

Over the past 20 years, he has published numerous articles in the international press and has actively participated in hundreds of scientific conferences. Most importantly, he has helped hundreds of patients to get fixed teeth and restore their quality of life. 

Learn more about Dr. Lorian here.

Dr. Adi Lorian zygomatic expert
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We partner with premier dental care specialists in Tel Aviv, ensuring our patients receive unparalleled services from the best dentists in each area. These experts employ the most advanced and innovative technology and techniques. Their commitment, particularly in the area of dental implants, guarantees that our patients experience the utmost standard of care. This dedication to the forefront of dental health innovation leads to outstanding results and total patient satisfaction.

Zygomatic implants are a special kind of dental implant used when regular implants aren’t possible due to insufficient bone in the upper jaw or lower. At ZAGA Center Tel Aviv, these implants work by anchoring securely to the zygomatic bone (cheekbone), which provides a stable base to support the implant. This is crucial for areas with significant bone loss where standard implants might fail.

An implant abutment is then attached to the implants, acting as a connector for the artificial teeth. This setup ensures that the teeth feel and function like natural teeth. It’s a precise surgical procedure that requires detailed planning and skilled execution to ensure the implants are well-positioned and secure, meaning a long term solution.

Zygomatic implants require careful consideration and expertise, as they involve critical structures in the face. The team at ZAGA Center Tel Aviv specializes in these implants, using advanced technology and techniques to minimize the risk of implant failure and ensure successful outcomes for patients.