Best Dentist In Sapporo for Dental Implants

GDH Implant Office Sapporo

The GDH Implant clinic in Sapporo has certification as a ZAGA Center. Dr. Suminori Echizenya, a dentist with over 15 years of experience in dental practice and dental implants procedures, leads the clinic in dental practice and implants. Alongside his team of dental professionals specialized on oral surgery, the dental clinic delivers top-notch dental care.

They are the only center in Hokkaido that offers a special dental treatment called zygomatic implant rehabilitation. This treatment is for patients who don’t have enough bone in their upper jaw for regular dental implants. This pioneering approach, led by the expert dentist Sapporo, enables patients to attain fixed teeth in under 24 hours.

Dr. Echizenya and his team at GDH Implant clinic provide personalized care to every patient. They ensure that patients feel comfortable and well-informed during the surgical procedures involving natural teeth or artificial teeth. The clinic uses the newest technology and techniques for dental implants surgeries, ensuring successful results for patients and avoding risks.

Patients at ZAGA Center Sapporo can expect a friendly environment where their needs are a top priority. Dr. Echizenya and his team work hard to give patients a great smile. They help from the first visit to the last appointment, making sure everyone gets excellent results.

If you need dental implants or zygomatic implant rehabilitation, visit GDH Implant clinic in Sapporo for top-quality care. You can trust Dr. Echizenya and his team of top dentists in Sapporo. They have the skills, experience, and commitment to patient care to take care of you. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards a confident and radiant smile.

Expert Dental Care in Sapporo

Skilled professionals at GDH Implant Office Sapporo prioritize their patients’ well-being, offering comprehensive treatments tailored to their needs. They offer top dental care in Sapporo with treatments like dental implants, braces, and teeth whitening. Their knowledge and experience ensure the best solutions for your dental needs.

An interesting fact: As a commitment to the patient’s oral health, Dr. Suminori, the clinic’s lead surgeon, decided to name the clinic GDH (Give Dreams and Hopes), as he always aims to bring “dreams and hopes” to patients who have struggled with teeth problems for a long time. Their goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy chewing and have a great smile. You can achieve this by maintaining the health of your natural teeth or by getting artificial teeth.

An Expert Dental Office for Dental Implants in Sapporo

ZAGA Center Sapporo GDH Implant Office specializes in comprehensive dental implant solutions, encompassing zygomatic implants, all-on-4 implants, and aesthetic dental treatments. ZAGA Center Sapporo conveniently sits near JR Sapporo Station and Odori Subway Station. You can easily access it in just 3 minutes.

They aim to make people happy by improving their smiles with dental implants and Invisalign braces. They provide various services to improve the appearance and health of your teeth. These services include gum care, tooth root canals treatments, crowns, bridges or dentures for tooth replacement, and teeth whitening

Feel at ease contacting ZAGA Center Sapporo for your oral care needs.

Dr. Suminori Echizenya, Best Dentist in Sapporo for Dental Implants

Dr. Suminori Echizenya is the only dentist doing zygomatic implant surgery in Sapporo and Hokkaido, Japan. He’s proud to offer an advanced zygoma treatment following the ZAGA Concept to patients from his hometown.

He pays careful attention to patients and their concerns. His approach helps create effective treatment plans and better overall care:

“I place equal importance on hospitality to alleviate patient anxieties. Our team aims to create a friendly environment, connect with patients, and make sure they feel comfortable during treatment.

He enjoys making patients happy as a dental specialist. His joy comes from seeing them smile.

Helping them regain healthy teeth and seeing their natural smiles is the most heartwarming moment of all.” He is dedicated to making sure all patients leave with a happy smile and better oral health. He always seeks out the newest dental treatments and advancements.

Learn more about Dr. Suminori here.

Dr Suminori Echizenya ZAGA Center Sapporo