Best Dentist in Fukuoka For Dental Implants

ALL ON 4 ZYGOMA Clinic, Experts in Dental Implants in Fukuoka

The ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic in Fukuoka focuses on all-on-4 and zygomatic dental implants. They provide different types of dental implants to suit the needs of their patients. It is known for its high-quality treatments and top-notch surgical procedures.

Dr. Naruto Otawa founded a clinic that focuses on improving dental implant surgeries for dental restoration with all-on-4 and zygomatic implants. Patients from around the world are welcome at this specialized clinic, being considered the best dentist in Fukuoka for dental implants.

The clinic stands as an excellence office in dental care, being one of the top dental clinics in Japan. Dr. Otawa is a renowned and highly skilled dentist in Fukuoka.

They specialize in advanced dentistry techniques, from traditional implants to the most advanced treatments, providing you with fixed teeth in one day. At ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic, its team of professionals will take proper care and maintenance of your oral health and remaining natural teeth.

The clinic prides itself on its luxurious, cutting-edge facilities, where personalized service is paramount. ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic treats patients to VIP care from the moment they step in until the completion of their treatment.

The clinic offers more than just medical care. They also provide assistance with accommodation and transportation options in Fukuoka. By doing this, they allow the patient to just focus mainly on the success of the treatment experience. 

ALLON4 ZYGOMA is well-known for its innovative dental implant treatments. It is a top choice for those seeking expert solutions in all-on-4 and zygomatic implants. The clinic offers creative and unique options for dental implants and artificial teeth. Patients can trust ALLON4 ZYGOMA for their expertise in everything about what dental implants require to prevent implant failure and ensure a quality long-lasting solution.

At ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic, every patient receives royal treatment. Dr. Otawa leads the clinic’s team using advanced dental technology for healing experiences, not just procedures. The clinic understands how important a healthy smile is for confidence and well-being. They welcome patients to achieve their dental goals in a friendly environment.

The ALLON4 ZYGOMA team in Fukuoka wants to give patients a good dental experience that changes their lives. ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic is the top choice for all-on-4 and zygomatic dental implants. It doesn’t matter if you need a single tooth replacement, a removable denture, or a full denture supported on All-on-4 dental implants: At Dr. Otawa’s clinic, they will provide you with the best-tailored solutions.

Expert dental care and dental implants in Fukuoka

The ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic in Fukuoka stands out from other dental clinics in Japan. It utilizes digital technology and advanced methods for treatments such as full-mouth rehabilitation.

This sets it apart in terms of the quality of care and services provided. The clinic’s focus on innovation and cutting-edge techniques ensures patients receive the best possible treatment. Under the expert guidance of maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Naruto Otawa, these advanced technologies guarantee impeccable results.

Patients receive a temporary titanium-based prosthesis during their first visit. It fits well, allows for a comfortable bite, and gives a natural-looking smile similar to real teeth.

Dr. Naruto Otawa leads the ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic, specializing in full-mouth rehabilitation treatment as a maxillofacial surgeon. This clinic is more than just a dental facility; it’s a place where transformations occur safely, comfortably, and efficiently, changing patients’ lives for the better.

Moreover, Dr. Otawa and his team give excellent, personalized care to each patient, making every dental visit special and memorable.

The team of professionals at the Smile 24h expert clinic– ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic, offers top-quality dental care and advanced treatments. They specialize in procedures like all-on-4 and zygomatic implants. Historically, patients travel from around the globe to receive treatment at this renowned clinic in Fukuoka.

The Best Clinic of Experts in Dental Implants in Fukuoka

At ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic, Dr. Otawa and his team work hard to give patients the best experience possible. They put all their energy into helping each person. They use personalized methods to get the best and longest-lasting results, focusing on each patient’s individual needs.

At the ALLON4 ZYGOMA Clinic, a ZAGA Center in Fukuoka, excellence, quality, and personalization are their core working principles. As one of the Smile 24h expert clinics, they ensure that patients have a positive experience by understanding their needs, listening attentively, and providing compassionate care from the initial treatment through to the post-surgery follow-up.

Dr. Naruto Otawa, Best Dentist in Fukuoka for All-on-4 Dental Implants and complete oral rehabilitation

Dr. Naruto Otawa, D.D.S., Ph.D., is the distinguished leading surgeon at ALLON4 ZYGOMA CLINIC – ZAGA Center Fukuoka, specializing in zygomatic implant surgery. He studied at Kyushu University School of Dentistry and received a Ph.D. He won an award from the university president for his thesis.

This shows his commitment to improving oral surgery. His work has improved dental surgery by inventing the “Facial Scanbody,” an innovative technology that utilizes 3D facial data to accurately place implants.

Dr. Otawa works at Oka Hospital’s Maxillofacial Surgery Department. He specializes in treating facial bone fractures and focuses on zygomatic implants. In Japan’s dental field, he earns respect for teaching surgeries and workshops, demonstrating his dedication to sharing knowledge.

Dr. Otawa has successfully completed 632 All-on-X procedures and placed 1512 zygomatic implants, which means he has helped a significant number of patients regain their smiles and confidence with these advanced dental solutions.

Dr. Naruto Otawa, Certified ZAGA Doctor Fukuoka