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FY Smile: The Best Dentist Specialists in Sydney, Australia

For those in search of the best dentist in Sydney to transform their smiles, FY Smile is the answer. Their patient-centric approach ensures that patients receive the highest level of care tailored to their unique needs.

FY Smile proudly holds the prestigious title of being the first certified ZAGA Center in Sydney, solidifying its position as a world-class zygomatic expert center of excellence. This esteemed certification underscores their dedication to mastering the most advanced techniques and technologies in the field, ensuring that their patients benefit from cutting-edge solutions for their dental needs.

For individuals seeking top-quality dental implants, FY Smile stands out as the home of the best dentists in Sydney. Their expertise and commitment to excellence make them the go-to professionals for anyone looking to enhance their smile. Patients at FY Smile can expect a seamless experience with compassionate care at every step, as their team of skilled dentists uses their profound knowledge and advanced techniques to deliver outstanding results

Choosing FY Smile means placing your trust in a team that’s not just at the forefront of dental innovation but also deeply dedicated to personalizing your journey to a brighter, more confident smile.

Why Choose FY Smile: ZAGA Center Sydney

Whether you’re dealing with failed dental implants, seeking a smile makeover, or simply looking for routine dental services, FY Smile offers solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics with optimal functionality. Their commitment to fostering trusting relationships with patients ensures a comprehensive and positive dental journey. Collaborating with dedicated Oral Health Therapists who aim to create a holistic and positive patient experience, they draw upon years of working with patients, understanding the anxieties that often accompany dental treatment. At FY Smile, your well-being, comfort, and confidence are their top priorities.

FY Smile's Comprehensive Dental Services and Dental Implans in Sydney

At FY Smile, their team of experts understands that fixed teeth are about more than just aesthetics; it’s about regaining confidence, comfort, and overall well-being. Their comprehensive range of treatments ensures that you have access to the best dental care in Sydney, including:

Zygomatic experts FY Smile

Meet Their ZAGA Certified Experts

When it comes to zygomatic implants and advanced dental procedures, Dr. Khaled Zoud and Dr. Fadi Yassmin stand out as the leading experts and best dentists in Sydney. Utilizing the most recent techniques in restorative dentistry combined with advanced technologies, they provide less invasive, precise, and long-lasting dental solutions. Notably, they offer the remarkable service of providing fixed teeth in just 24 hours. As the only ZAGA Certified surgeons in the area, they guarantee that patients receive the best dental care and precision.

Dr. Khaled Zoud: Specialist in Dental Implants in Sydney

Dr. Khaled Zoud is a renowned zygomatic expert with a passion for transforming smiles. With his extensive experience, he has successfully helped numerous patients regain their confidence through fixed teeth solutions. In partnership with Dr. Fadi Yassmin, owner of FY Smile, Dr. Zoud leads Australia’s first and only ZAGA Center, devoted to transforming the lives of individuals with atrophic jaws through fixed teeth solutions with zygomatic implants. 


Learn more about Dr. Khaled here.

Dr Khaled Zoud
dr fadi yassmin fy smile founder

Dr. Fadi Yassmin: FY Smile Founder, Surgical Dentist and Dental Implants Specialist in Sydney

With over 30 years in the field, Dr. Yassmin takes immense pride in offering thorough dentistry. His assessments and treatment plans are a testament to his extensive experience across various dental disciplines

What truly fuels Dr. Yassmin’s passion is the genuine joy and satisfaction radiating from his patients’ smiles. Each successful case serves as both inspiration and motivation for him to continually enhance the patient care offered at FY Smile, fostering an ongoing cycle of dedication and positive impact on patients’ lives. 


Learn more about Dr. Yassmin here.

Smile24h is thrilled to partner with the esteemed ZAGA Center in Sydney, known for its superior dental services, especially its mastery of zygomatic implants and dedication to patient-first care. Since earning its certification in 2023, FY Smile has soared to the top as the leading ZAGA Center in Sydney, celebrated for its profound zygomatic implant knowledge.

As a vital member of the ZAGA Centers Network, the clinic delivers comprehensive dental services. Each treatment, meticulously tailored, meets the unique needs of every patient, ensuring comfort and enhancing appearance. The center is at the forefront in Sydney, using the latest surgical techniques to make all treatments not just safe but exceptionally effective.

The devoted team at FY Smile constantly seeks professional growth and values patient education and engagement, fostering trust and empowering patients to make informed decisions. Opting for the ZAGA Center in Sydney means choosing a lifestyle uplifted by premier dental care and implant expertise, delivered by some of the best dentists in Sydney.

We collaborate with the top dental care specialists in Sydney, guaranteeing our patients access to unmatched services. These professionals use the latest, most innovative technology and methods. Their outstanding dedication, especially when it comes to dental implants, ensures our patients receive the best possible care. This commitment to leading dental health innovation leads to excellent results and complete satisfaction for the patients.

At ZAGA Center Sydney, the healing time for dental implants depends on your procedure and dental health. For single-tooth replacements, especially after tooth removal, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon will insert the implant into your jawbone to act as a new tooth root.

If you’ve experienced significant bone loss, you may need a bone graft to provide solid support for the implant. Typically, your jawbone will need a few months to fully integrate with the implant. Once this happens, the team will attach the implant abutment and artificial teeth, completing the process.

Zygomatic implants, which the team at ZAGA Center Sydney specializes in for those with considerable bone loss, might heal faster. These implants anchor directly to your cheekbone, often eliminating the need for a bone graft, and can shorten your healing time.

The All-On-4 treatment offers a quicker solution as well. This method involves attaching a full set of teeth to just four implants, eliminating the waiting period typically needed for the bone to bond with the implants. Still, achieving the most stable and secure fit might take a few months.

Remember, healing times can vary. Following your surgeon’s care advice and keeping up with regular check-ups at ZAGA Center Sydney are crucial. Doing so ensures your implants heal properly and lowers the risk of any complications, ensuring the success of your dental implants.