Best Dentist in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

Introducing Dr. Igor Kaplansky: The Best Dentist in Rochester and Buffalo

In New York, especially in Buffalo and Rochester, Dr. Kaplansky is a highly skilled dentist who stands out. In March 2023, Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky obtained the certification as ZAGA Center Buffalo Rochester. With a robust team of seasoned dentists in Rochester, NY, the clinic has been serving smiles for over 25 years.

Dr. Kaplansky and his team are renowned for their expertise in advanced dental treatments and surgical procedures. The team includes extremely well-trained dental surgeons in Rochester, NY.

Are you looking for the best dentist in Rochester or Buffalo? Their dental office focuses on helping those who want to recover their oral health. Their services span from dental implants and full-mouth reconstruction to intricate procedures like bone grafting and zygomatic implant placements.

Top-notch Dental Care in Rochester and Buffalo

ZAGA Center Buffalo Rochester isn’t just about procedures. It’s about the patient’s experience while they recover their dental health through proper care and maintenance.

Using cutting-edge technology, this center ensures that every patient in Rochester and Buffalo, NY receives exemplary care. The clinic stays ahead, always updated with the newest advancements in dentistry. This dedication ensures patients always receive care that’s effective, timely, and of the highest standard.

A Leading Dental Office in New York

In the field of full-mouth rehabilitation and zygomatic treatments, the team at Dr. Kaplansky’s is unparalleled. They firmly believe in empowering their patients using state-of-the-art technologies to provide beautiful, functional smiles.

The best dentists in Rochester, NY, understand that well-informed patients make wiser decisions regarding their oral health. This is why they’re dedicated to clear communication, answering questions, and sharing important oral health maintenance tips. What is the final objective? To make every patient in Rochester and Buffalo feel confident and thoroughly knowledgeable about their dental treatments.

Meet Dr. Igor Kaplansky: The Buffalo Dentist with a Rochester Touch

Dr. Kaplansky is an excellent dentist who graduated from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. He is a well-regarded dentist in Buffalo, NY, and a proud member of professional groups like the American Dental Association. He combines knowledge and care in his work.

Dr. Kaplansky has created an excellence dental care center at ZAGA Center Buffalo Rochester for people looking for exceptional treatment. If you need an emergency dentist or simply want to consult the best Buffalo dentists, reach out to us.

His personalized approach ensures personalized treatment plans tailored to meet unique needs and aspirations.

Dive deeper into Dr. Kaplansky’s journey here and discover why he stands out as the epicenter of dental expertise in both Buffalo and Rochester.

Doctor Igor Kaplansky, certified ZAGA Doctor

Smile24h is proud to work closely with the ZAGA Center in Buffalo & Rochester, known for its top-quality dental care. This center, famous as the best dentist in the area, is especially skilled in zygomatic implants and always puts patients first.


Since it became certified in 2019, the Dr. Kaplansky Dentistry is the go-to ZAGA Center in Buffalo & Rochester. They’re experts in zygomatic implants.


Being part of the ZAGA Centers Network, the clinic offers complete dental care, personalizing treatments for every patient, with a focus on comfort and how things look. The center is a leader in Buffalo & Rochester, using the newest surgery methods to make sure treatments are safe and work well. Their team is always learning and getting better.

Teaching and helping patients is really important here. It helps build trust and lets patients make good choices. Choosing the ZAGA Center in Buffalo & Rochester means you’re choosing a better life with excellent dental care and implant knowledge from the best dentists around.

We work with industry leaders in expert dental care in Buffalo Rochester to ensure our patients receive exceptional service. These professionals stand out for their mastery, utilizing the most advanced technology and innovative techniques. This commitment to excellence, particularly in areas like dental implants, means our patients benefit from the best care available and the latest advancements in dental health, leading to excellent results and patient satisfaction.

Choosing the right type of dental implant is crucial and depends on your individual needs. If your jawbone is strong and healthy, common implants are a good fit. They get placed in your jawbone and gradually bond with it. But if your jawbone is thin or has a lot of bone loss, these implants might not hold well, and the success rate might be low, as the implant requires a healthy jawbone to be placed.


Zygomatic implants are different. They’re for people who don’t have enough jawbone for common implants, something that increases the possibilities of implant failure. These implants attach to the cheekbone instead of the jawbone. This gives a solid base to support the implant and lowers the chance of problems due to weak jawbones.

At the ZAGA Center Buffalo Rochester, under Dr. Kaplansky guidance, patients get custom advice on which implant works best for them. The team there knows that choosing and placing dental implants needs careful thought and precision to lower risks and make sure the treatment succeeds.