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DentOP, ZAGA’s esteemed center in Bucharest since July 2020, is your destination for specialist dental care. With years of experience in dental implantology and zygomatic implants, they skillfully handle even the most difficult cases. Even the patients who once thought their conditions were untreatable can find solutions to their needs. Many satisfied patients with previously complicated medical indications are now living proof of the team’s passion and dedication.

Best dental care in Bucharest

At ZAGA Center Bucharest, patients are assured that they will receive specialist dental care of the highest standard. Their advanced facility is equipped with the latest technology, and their team of caring professionals is committed to delivering exceptional results in every case. More than providing the best care, they are dedicated to helping each person regain their confidence and enjoy the beauty of a radiant smile once again.

An Expert Dental Practice

Clinic DentOP in Bucharest is recognized as a top dental practice, specialized in the field of dental implantology. With years of experience, they have established a solid reputation for successfully handling a diverse range of cases, affirming their status as a trusted provider. Their dedicated team is not only focused on achieving outstanding results, but is committed to providing high quality services in dental implantology and general dentistry. Regardless of the complexity of the case, the clinic boasts some of the best experts in the field, ready to offer personalised solutions for each patient. Patients seeking exceptional dental care are encouraged to visit the DentOP clinic to experience the difference for themselves. Contact the clinic today and embark on your journey to a lasting, confident smile with fixed teeth.

Dr. Corrado Cazacu, Bucharest Dental Expert

Dr. Corrado Cazacu is the leading expert in zygomatic implants at the ZAGA Center in Bucharest. Through his national and international studies, Dr. Cazacu specialized in Dentoalveolar Surgery. After years of accumulating experience in implant dentistry, he became the president of the Association of Dental Specialists in Oral Surgery and Implantology. Dr. Cazacu has transformed his passion for helping others into a thriving profession, successfully restoring the smiles of over 1700 patients through dental implants. Find out more about Dr Cazacu here.

Dr. Corrado Cazacu zygomatic expert

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