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Enhance Dental Clinic, the best dentist in Cambridge

Enhance Dental Clinic, led by Dr.Richard Brookshaw, is an expert center in dental implant in Cambridge, certified as ZAGA Center Cambridge since May 2020. Their team of professional dentists in Cambridge provide cosmetic and advanced dentistry services, including zygomatic implants, offering the best dental treatment and surgery in the area. They embrace the ZAGA philosophy and aim to guide and support the patient every step of the way.

Expert Dental Care in Cambridge

At Enhance Dental Clinic, led by Dr. Richard Brookshaw, they provide the latest dental treatments using cutting-edge technology. As a certified ZAGA Center Cambridge, they specialize in zygomatic implants and prioritize comprehensive patient care. Their friendly and qualified team of professional dentists delivers exceptional customer service while maintaining the highest professional standards, making Enhance Dental Clinic the best dentist clinic in Cambridge for full oral health rehabilitation and restorative dentistry.

An Expert Dental Office with the Best Dentists in Cambridge

At Enhance Dental Clinic, the highly qualified professional dentists offer free, informal consultations to discuss dental options and ensure informed decisions. With expertise in general, cosmetic, and advanced dentistry, the team provides continuous support throughout the patient’s journey.
Dental Plans are available for discounted treatments, and flexible financial packages can be arranged between all the dental services they offer. Trust Enhance Dental Clinic for expert care and attention, including fixed teeth in just 24 hours.

Dr. Richard Brookshaw, Cambridge Dental Expert

Let us introduce you to Dr. Richard Brookshaw, a renowned oral and dental surgeon specializing in implant dentistry. With expertise in full-mouth rehabilitation using zygomatic implants, sinus grafting, and immediate loading, Dr. Brookshaw is dedicated to delivering exceptional care. His advanced proficiency in zygomatic implant surgery is backed by extensive qualifications and international recognition as a lecturer, ensuring the highest standard of treatment correcting dental problems. 

Learn more about Dr. Brookshaw here.

Dr Richard Brookshaw

Smile24h exclusively collaborates with ZAGA Centers, recognized for their high quality and specialization in zygomatic implants, always prioritizing client well-being.

Since its accreditation in 2020, the Enhance Dental Clinic has established itself as the ZAGA Center Cambridge, becoming a benchmark in zygomatic implants in Cambridge and surrounding areas.

This center, a part of the global network of ZAGA Centers, excels in comprehensive dental care, tailoring treatments to individual patient needs for aesthetic and comfortable outcomes. 

Focused on innovation, the ZAGA Center Cambridge employs advanced surgical techniques, ensuring safe and effective procedures. The team’s ongoing training ensures excellence in treatment. Empowering and educating patients is a priority, building trust and facilitating informed decisions. 

Choosing ZAGA Center Cambridge means opting for an experience that enhances life quality with exceptional dental care and expertise in zygomatic implants.

Since its foundation, ZAGA Centers, notably present in the United Kingdom with the ZAGA Center Cambridge, among others, has incorporated highly experienced surgical dentists into its team for complete oral rehabilitation.

From zygomatic implants to a wide range of treatments, the main focus of ZAGA Centers has always been the well-being and comfort of the patient, providing the latest in dental care in Cambridge to restore smiles

Today, ZAGA Centers has accredited clinics in 25 countries, attracting an increasing number of patients who trust their expertise and professionalism to solve their oral problems.

Find your nearest ZAGA Center and put yourself in the hands of the best professional dentists in Cambridge!

Zygomatic implants are recommended by the professional dentists at ZAGA Center Cambridge mainly for patients who have significant bone loss in the upper jaw, a condition that makes traditional dental implants challenging or impossible. 

This scenario is often seen in patients with advanced periodontal disease, those who have had long-term edentulism (absence of teeth), or in cases where bone deterioration has occurred due to other factors. Zygomatic implants provide a stable foundation for dental prostheses in such situations, bypassing the need for extensive bone grafting procedures that are typically required for conventional implants.

Additionally, zygomatic implants are considered in cases where previous dental implants have failed due to insufficient bone support or in instances requiring immediate loading of the implants. Their longer length, anchoring into the denser zygomatic bone, offers a higher success rate in these complex scenarios. The use of these implants significantly reduces treatment and recovery time, making them an ideal choice for patients seeking a quicker solution to restore their dental function and aesthetics.