Expert Dentist In Cambridge

Enhance Dental Clinic

Enhance Dental Clinic, led by Dr.Richard Brookshaw, is a dental implant expert center in Cambridge, certified as ZAGA Center Cambridge since May 2020. They provide cosmetic and advanced dentistry services, including zygomatic implants, offering the best dental treatment and surgery in the area. They embrace the ZAGA philosophy and aim to guide and support the patient every step of the way.

Expert Dental Care in Cambridge

At Enhance Dental Clinic, led by Dr. Richard Brookshaw, they provide the latest dental treatments using cutting-edge technology. As a certified ZAGA Center Cambridge, they specialize in zygomatic implants and prioritize comprehensive patient care. Their friendly and qualified team delivers exceptional customer service while maintaining the highest professional standards.

An Expert Dental Office

At Enhance Dental Clinic, the highly qualified professionals offer free, informal consultations to discuss dental options and ensure informed decisions. With expertise in general, cosmetic, and advanced dentistry, the team provides continuous support throughout the patient’s journey. Dental Plans are available for discounted treatments, and flexible financial packages can be arranged. Trust Enhance Dental Clinic for expert care and attention, including fixed teeth in just 24 hours.

Dr. Richard Brookshaw, Cambridge Dental Expert

Let us introduce you to Dr. Richard Brookshaw, a renowned oral surgeon specializing in implant dentistry. With expertise in full-mouth rehabilitation using zygomatic implants, sinus grafting, and immediate loading, Dr. Brookshaw is dedicated to delivering exceptional care. His advanced proficiency in zygomatic implant surgery is backed by extensive qualifications and international recognition as a lecturer, ensuring the highest standard of treatment. Learn more about Dr. Brookshaw here.

Dr Richard Brookshaw