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Hale Dental & Implant Clinic, dental experts in Cheshire & Merseyside

Hale Dental & Implant Clinic has been certified as ZAGA Center Cheshire and Merseyside – zygomatic excellence clinic since May 2020. The clinic guarantees the highest commitment to dental health and aims to provide comprehensive care in its facility. Above all, the expert dentist team of the clinic offers unrivaled dental implant expertise, focusing on full-mouth rehabilitation and zygomatic implants.

Expert Dental Care in Cheshire & Merseyside

Experience exceptional dental care with the professional dentists from Hale Dental & Implant Clinic. With a focus on tailored treatments and successful outcomes, Hale Dental expert dentist team delivers outstanding care for all your dental needs. Led by Dr. Brookshaw, their skilled team of professional dentists provides a comprehensive range of services, including single and multiple implants, All-on-4 dental implants, zygomatic, and same-day teeth implants.

An Expert Dental Office on Zygomatic Implants

Hale Dental & Implant Clinic, known as ZAGA Center Cheshire and Merseyside, works with the most qualified expert dentists to achieve the best results. The medical team specializes in different dental care areas, ensuring the patient’s well-being. This means they take care of the patient from the diagnosis, treatment, and post-surgery. 

In other words, Hale Dental & Implant Clinic follows the ZAGA philosophy focused on patient-specific therapy and uses only the best materials for zygomatic implants. Together with their professionalism, they guarantee success.

Dr. Richard Brookshaw, Professional Dentist in Cheshire & Merseyside

Renowned for his expertise in implant dentistry, Dr. Richard Brookshaw is a highly qualified oral surgeon dedicated to delivering exceptional care to his patients. He specializes in all aspects of implant dentistry, including hard and soft tissue augmentation, zygomatic implant rehabilitation, restorative dentistry, sinus grafting, and immediate loading

With international recognition as a lecturer, he was among the first implant dentists awarded the prestigious Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Dr. Brookshaw’s proficiency extends to advanced zygomatic implant surgery, utilizing a specialized protocol developed in collaboration with his skilled team of professional dentists. 


Find out more about Dr. Brookshaw here.

Dr Richard Brookshaw

Smile24h exclusively partners with ZAGA Centers, renowned for their high quality and specialization in zygomatic implants, always prioritizing client well-being.

Since its certification in 2020, the Hale Dental & Implant Clinic has become the ZAGA Center in Cheshire & Merseyside, setting a benchmark in zygomatic implants in the region.

This center, a part of the global ZAGA Centers network, excels in comprehensive dental care, tailoring treatments to meet individual patient needs for aesthetic and comfortable results. With a focus on innovation, the ZAGA Center in Cheshire & Merseyside employs advanced surgical techniques, ensuring safe and effective procedures. Ongoing training of the team ensures excellence in treatment. 

Patient empowerment and education are priorities, building trust and facilitating informed decisions. Choosing this ZAGA Center in Cheshire & Merseyside means opting for an experience that enhances life quality through exceptional dental care and expertise in zygomatic implants.

We collaborate with the industry leaders in expert dental care at ZAGA Center Cheshire & Merseyside because they embody the highest standards of professionalism and expertise in dental practice. Our partnership ensures that when you seek a professional dentist in Cheshire & Merseyside, you’re accessing top-tier dental services. The expert dentists at ZAGA Center are not only proficient in their field but also dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to each patient’s needs for good oral health.

This alliance with ZAGA Center Cheshire & Merseyside allows to offer exceptional dental treatments, including advanced procedures like zygomatic implants, ensuring patients receive care from the most qualified and experienced professionals. In Cheshire & Merseyside, our focus is on connecting patients with dentists who are not just skilled, but also compassionate and committed to achieving the best outcomes, thereby enhancing the overall dental health and well-being of our community.

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