Specialist dentist in Stuttgart

Implant center and dental practice Dres. Simon

The dental practice Dres. Simon in Stuttgart has been a renowned member of the ZAGA Centers network since April 2020 as the ZAGA Center Stuttgart, the exclusive zygomatic implant expert center in the region. Under the direction of founders Prof. Dr. Peter Simon and Dr. Madalina Simon, who specialize in comprehensive treatments for the rehabilitation of the entire mouth, including zygomatic implants, the clinic is committed to the overall well-being of patients. They strongly believe in the importance of functional and aesthetic procedures and strive to maximize each patient’s satisfaction and confidence to ensure a transformative dental experience.

Competent dental care in Stuttgart

With over 40 years of experience, the ZAGA Center Stuttgart has developed into a renowned dental practice in Germany that specializes in rehabilitation with zygomatic implants for severe jaw atrophy. Patients are attracted by the central location and the comprehensive services offered by the team of dental implant specialists, estheticians and prophylaxis specialists. The clinic’s welcoming atmosphere and long-standing relationships ensure that patients feel comfortable and valued. From attentive listening to efficient appointment management, patient satisfaction is our top priority. The modern premises in the center of Stuttgart offer a quiet environment for optimal dental care.

A competent dental practice

The Implant center and dental practice Dres. Simon – ZAGA Center Stuttgart, consists of highly experienced dentists. This enables the team to offer patients not only aesthetic procedures, but also more complex treatments such as zygomatic implants. The dentists of the dental practice Dres. Simon regularly takes part in intensive training and courses to keep up to date with the latest developments in dental technology.

Prof. Dr. Peter Simon, Stuttgart Dental expert

Prof. Dr. Peter Simon, founder of the dental practice Dres. Simon, comes from a family of dentists and has been a fixture in the Stuttgart dental profession for many years, specializing in implantology. Under his direction, the practice team is dedicated to providing individualized care in order to give each patient the best possible dental prosthesis. Dr. Simon’s expertise goes beyond his practice as he actively shares his knowledge by teaching at several European universities and actively participating in prestigious scientific societies such as DGZI and BDIZ EDI. Find out more about Prof. Dr. Peter Simon here.

Dr. Peter Simon

Dr. Madalina Simon, Stuttgart Dental expert

Since 1995, Dr. Madalina Simon has dedicated her expertise to zygomatic implantology, periodontology and aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry. With her experience and professionalism, she offers sensitive and competent care that focuses on the well-being of her patients. Dr. Madalina Simon not only specializes in zygomatic implants, but also attaches great importance to preventive measures such as prophylaxis and endodontics. Her passion for her work and personalized approach have helped countless patients overcome their fears and embark on a transformative journey to new strong teeth and a life-changing smile. You can find out more about Dr. Madalina Simon here.