What Does It Feel Like to Have Dental Implants?

Unlike removable dentures, dental implants supported dentures don't cause discomfort and feel like natural teeth. Learn more about what it feels like to have dental implants below.
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Will I Feel the Dental Implants?

Dental implants feel like natural teeth once they are accompanied by a supporting crown, bridge, or denture. However, during the initial healing process, some patients may experience mild discomfort or sensitivity.

Part of the essential after-surgery process is bone-to-implant fusion. It’s a process that stabilizes the implant in the jaw. From this point, it becomes an integral part of the mouth. While the process takes two to six months to complete, patients feel very little during this phase and can carry on with their regular daily routine. It is actually difficult to notice the progress of osseointegration from the patient’s perspective until they revisit their clinician to see if the dental implants have fully stabilized.

Ultimately, once the implants are placed in the jaw, you shouldn’t feel anything from them. You may feel tenderness in and around the implant area immediately after surgery, but this usually stems from the gum and not from the implant. 

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Eating and Speaking with Dental Implants

Getting used to prosthetic teeth attached to dental implants may take some time, and patients may initially feel discomfort and excessive saliva production. However, the new teeth on implants feel and function like natural teeth, offering a comfortable bite, and the adjustment period is typically short. Eating and speaking may require some adaptation initially, and it’s advisable to consume soft, easy-to-chew foods during the initial stages. With time and practice, speech clarity improves, and patients can comfortably eat almost any food thanks to the strength and functionality provided by dental implants.

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