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Egyptian Zygoma Implant Institute

At the heart of Cairo’s dental landscape shines the expert dentist in Cairo, the Egyptian Zygoma Implant Institute. Established with a clear mission, this renowned dental clinic offers unique solutions for fixed teeth, catering to patients not only in Cairo but also in the surrounding areas. Established by dental specialists Dr. Moustafa Taha and Dr. Haitham El-Maergy, widely recognized for their remarkable expertise in zygomatic implants across Egypt, the clinic began a new dental era within its region. The years of experience in delivering fixed teeth anchored to zygomatic implants led to the prestigious certification of their clinic as the ZAGA Center Cairo in 2022. Nowadays, the clinic is the pioneering ZAGA Institute in Africa and the sole ZAGA Center in Cairo, recognized as an expert dentist in the area.

Expert Dental Care in Cairo

Experience expert dental care in Cairo at ZAGA Center Cairo – Egyptian Zygoma Implant Institute. Explore a Egyptian Zygoma Implant Institute offers a comprehensive range of outstanding treatments. Apart from the advanced graft-less zygomatic implants (quad, hybrid, asymmetrical), the clinic provides specialized grafting procedures (bone regeneration, sinus & nasal lifting), full-arch solutions (all-on-4, all-on-6, Brånemark & V2V Protocols). They are committed to offering excellent dental care and expanding their dedication by sharing their expertise through training courses. This ensures that patients from various regions in Egypt are provided with the valuable choice of considering zygomatic implants for their treatment.

An Expert Dental Office

The Egyptian Zygoma Implant Institute boasts a team of professionals specializing in full-mouth rehabilitation treatments committed to providing fixed teeth within 24 hours, ensuring efficient and effective dental care. In this manner, patients receive fixed teeth through minimally invasive dental therapies. Dr. Moustafa Taha and Dr. Haitahm El-Maergy, leading surgeons at the clinic – ZAGA Center Cairo, are renowned regional dental specialists and are often consulted by fellow dentists, including other experienced practitioners in Cairo, Egypt. Their guidance is frequently sought for complex cases. Choosing to undergo dental implant treatment with Dr. Taha and Dr. El-Maergy is definitely a recommended and reliable option for anybody seeking fixed teeth.

Dr. Moustafa Taha, Cairo Dental Expert

Dr. Moustafa Taha is a distinguished professional in dental implantology with years of experience. His expertise lies in offering patients a path to restored smiles and renewed confidence through advanced fixed teeth solutions. Renowned for his precision and patient-focused approach, Dr. Taha specializes in crafting personalized treatment plans that eliminate the need for invasive procedures. Learn more about Dr. Taha here.

Dr. Taha Dental expert Cairo
Dr. Haitham El-Maiergy expert dentist Cairo

Dr. Haitham El-Maergy, Cairo Dental Expert

With a focus on top-quality care, Dr. Haitham El-Maergy ensures quick results through advanced dental implant treatments, making patients’ journey toward new teeth as comfortable and worryless as possible. Dr. Haitham El-Maergy’s goal is clear: to be your reliable partner as you regain your smile. With exceptional skills in full-mouth rehabilitation treatments, you can trust his expertise to ensure successful and long-lasting outcomes, putting any worries about implant uncertainties to rest. Learn more about Dr. El-Maergy here.