Expert Dentist in Chiayi, TW

Expert Dentist in Chiayi, TW

Cambridge Oral and Dental Surgery became ZAGA Center Chiayi in November 2022. The clinic is the first ZAGA Center in Taiwan. Their professional dental team are experts in zygomatic implants, with a common objective of providing 100% patient satisfaction.

Expert Dental Care in Chiayi

ZAGA Center Chiayi is in continuous evolution in knowledge and techniques. The surgical team is an expert in dental implants (zygomatic, vertical GBR, All on X). They count on exceptional healthcare nurses and a complete digital lab team. They care for patients providing top-quality treatment and service. This is why Cambridge Oral and Dental Surgery is Taiwan’s highest-graded dental surgery center.

An Expert Dental Office

Discover Cambridge Oral & Dental Surgery, where they prioritize each patient’s comfort in a professional and impeccable surgical environment. With their expertise and attention to detail, they offer a patient-specific approach and treatments leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as All-on-4 technology or zygomatic implant rehabilitation, providing immediate implant placement and full-mouth restoration. Achieve a beautiful and fully functional smile in just one day with Cambridge Oral & Dental Surgery’s commitment to your dental needs.

Dr. David Wei-Kai Hsu, Chiayi Dental Expert

Dr. David Wei-Kai Hsu is the director of Cambridge Oral and Dental Surgery, ZAGA Center in Chiayi. He is an expert in oral and maxillofacial surgery, and he is also a zygomatic implant specialist. With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Wei-Kai has been performing facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries at  St. Martin de Porres Hospital for many years. In Cambridge Oral and Dental Surgery, he performs dental implant surgeries and full mouth rehabilitation. Learn more about Dr. David Wei-Kai Hsu here.

Dr David Wei-Kai Hsu