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ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute and Hospital

The Centre for Oral-Maxillofacial and Dental Implant Reconstruction at ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute and Hospital is the second ZAGA Center in the UK. They are a reference center for severe bone loss treatment with zygomatic implants. They became ZAGA Center Manchester in August 2019 and are the only certified zygomatic implant experts in Manchester.

Expert Dental Care in Manchester

The Center for Oral-Maxillofacial and Dental Implant Reconstruction is a leading dental institution in Manchester. It is known for its team of experienced professionals and evidence-based dental education. Led by the UK authority on dental implant surgical reconstruction, Prof Ucer, the center provides comprehensive care across various specialties. They ensure a holistic approach to addressing each patient’s unique needs and concerns.

An Expert Dental Office

With considerable knowledge, expertise, and experience, the ICE Hospital led by Prof Ucer specializes in all aspects of implant dentistry. Their full-time services cover a wide range of implant rehabilitation, including single and multiple implants, full mouth reconstructions, and major bone grafting. As one of the 56 international zygomatic ZAGA Centers, they offer a graft-less reconstruction of severely atrophic jaws, restoring dental function within 24 hours.

Prof. Cemal Ucer, Manchester Dental Expert

Prof Cemal Ucer, a renowned oral surgeon and professor, is recognized for his expertise in teaching dental implant reconstruction and bone and soft tissue grafting. With an extensive alumni network of dentists across the UK, he has dedicated himself to long-term dental research and education. His contributions include being awarded the first MSc certificate in implantology in the UK from Manchester University in 1995. Additionally, he obtained a Ph.D. from Manchester University for his groundbreaking study on implant survival in iliac bone grafts and osteoporotic patients. With over 25 years of experience, he has performed numerous successful implant procedures using various systems and techniques. Prof Ucer and his team focus on individualized care and guarantee that patients receive expert dental treatments designed to address their oral health needs. Learn more here.

Prof. Cemal Ucer ZAGA Center Manchester