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Blum-Nico Oral Surgery Associates - ZAGA Center Miami

Blum-Nico Oral Surgery Associates is a highly respected dental clinic located in Miami, founded by two experienced dentists, Dr. Todd Blum and Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky. The clinic specializes in a variety of oral surgery services, including dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and bone grafting, among others. The team of highly qualified and experienced oral surgeons use the latest techniques and technology to provide exceptional patient care.

Expert Dental Care in Miami

The clinic provides patients with extensive information about the services they offer, including the credentials of the dentists and testimonials from satisfied patients. Patients can easily schedule appointments online or contact the clinic with any questions or concerns.

An Expert Dental Office

Blum-Nico Oral Surgery Associates is committed to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for their patients. They prioritize patient education, ensuring that each patient fully understands their diagnosis, treatment options, and post-operative care. With their years of experience and dedication to patient care, Blum-Nico Oral Surgery Associates is a top choice for expert dentists in Miami, providing the best possible care for both routine dental procedures and complex oral surgeries.

Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky, Miami Dental Expert

Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky is an expert dentist in Miami, specializing in zygomatic implant rehabilitation. He earned his dental degree from Universidad Tecnológica de México and became an Associate Professor at the university, where he lectured for many years. After coming to the United States, he completed programs in Dental Anesthesiology and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Miami – Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Nicolaievsky’s passion for providing better care to his patients led him to become interested in the zygomatic implant rehabilitation technique. He gained knowledge and practical skills in zygomatic implant surgery and became a valuable member of ZAGA Centers. Thanks to his efforts, Blum-Nico Oral Surgery Associates became a certified ZAGA Center in Miami. Learn more about Dr. Nicolaievsky here.

Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky