Dental experts in Nord France

Prof. Dr. Ludovic Denglos

Dr Ludovic Denglos’ clinic is the first ZAGA center in France, recognized as a dental expert for full-mouth rehabilitation treatments in the northern region of France. Its team of highly qualified professionals uses the latest techniques and technologies to provide a wide range of treatments, ensuring the highest quality of treatment. The clinic’s founder is Dr Ludovic Denglos, a dental surgeon specializing in zygomatic implants. The clinic joined the network of ZAGA centers in July 2019 as a ZAGA Center Nord France.

Doins Dentaires Experts Nord France

ZAGA Center Nord France is a trusted destination for dental implant treatment and the only ZAGA-certified expert for zygomatic treatment in the region, offering complete tooth restoration. Its team of experts provides exceptional care for edentulous patients, ensuring the provision of fixed teeth within 24 hours. With successful surgeries and a minimum of complications, ZAGA Center France puts the well-being and oral health of its patients first. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the clinic uses computer assistance for precise insertion of zygomatic implants. This advanced approach enables surgeons to meticulously plan and simulate procedures in advance, guaranteeing the most modern and effective treatments for optimal results.

An expert dental practice

Discover a compassionate solution for fixed teeth at the renowned Prof. Dr. Ludovic Denglos. She specializes in helping patients who have recently lost teeth, whose implants have failed, or who have learned that they don’t have enough bone to receive dental implants. Thanks to the expertise of their skilled doctors, who are well versed in the various dental implant treatments, they are able to manage the most complex cases with the best results. Committed to keeping abreast of the latest advances, they offer innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Restore your smile and your self-confidence by contact us today.

Prof. Dr. Ludovic Denglos, dental expert in Northern France

Dr Ludovic Denglos is an expert in dental surgery and zygomatic implants. He graduated in dental surgery in 1988 and in periodontology in 1997 from the University of Lille. Dr. Denglos has acquired in-depth knowledge of reconstructive jaw surgery, zygomatic implants and periodontology. He is constantly striving to improve his skills using the most advanced techniques in the field of dental surgery and zygomatic implants, and also organizes several conferences and training courses to share his knowledge in the field of zygomatic implants. His compassionate approach has transformed the lives of countless patients, restoring their lost teeth and restoring their self-confidence. To find out more about Dr Denglos, click here.

Prof. Dr. Ludovic Denglos