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Fusion Dentistry

Discover the expertise of Dr. Guy McLellan, a renowned dental expert in Cardiff, specializing in advanced dental treatments and zygomatic rehabilitation for patients with partial or extreme bone loss. With decades of experience, Dr. McLellan and a highly experienced team at Fusion Dentistry create beautiful smiles and deliver life-changing dentistry.
At Fusion Dentistry, patients previously deemed unsuitable for dental implants or cosmetic dentistry can find the help they need.

Expert Dental Care in Cardiff

Dr. Guy McLellan and the team at Fusion Dentistry are committed to delivering top-notch services and life-changing dental solutions. Their specialized expertise enables them to offer implant solutions, even for patients with limited chances of having fixed dentures, such as those with maxillary atrophy. The clinic guarantees the perfect combination of cosmetic and practical surgery, focusing on the patient’s well-being. For this reason, it is among the first clinics of the worldwide ZAGA Centers network that embraces the ZAGA philosophy – patient-specific therapy in treating patients with severe bone atrophy.

An Expert Dental Office

At Fusion Dentistry in Cardiff, South Wales, their strength lies in our diverse range of skills and extensive experiences. With decades of experience, the team of Fusion Dentistry is dedicated to helping patients achieve a brand-new smile at their own pace. Dr. McLellan and his colleagues at the clinic offer a unique combination of dental and technical expertise, resulting in the highest quality dental restorations and prosthetics available in South Wales. As an award-winning team of dental and implant professionals with 20 years of experience, they will provide treatment options and answer any questions.

Dr. Guy McLellan, Cardiff Dental Expert

Regain your confidence with the expertise of Dr. Guy McLellan, a highly skilled dental surgeon dedicated to restoring smiles and providing reliable dental solutions. Specializing in zygomatic implants for patients with maxillary atrophy, Dr. McLellan’s outstanding success rate in complex cases sets him apart. With dual qualifications in dentistry and medicine, as well as being a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, his credentials speak for themselves. Trust in Dr. McLellan’s comprehensive experience and let him guide you toward a trustworthy and life-changing dental solution that will transform your smile and renew your confidence. Learn more about Dr. McLellan here.

Dr Guy McLellan