Expert Dentist In Tokyo

ORC Implant Clinic

ORC Implant Clinic is the first dental clinic in Japan that became a part of the ZAGA Centers Network in June 2020 as ZAGA Center Tokyo. The leading surgeon of the clinic is a zygomatic implant specialist, Prof. Masami Ando, who is known for his extensive skills in restorative dentistry as an expert dentist in Tokyo. ORC Implant Clinic offers various treatments, including All-on-4 flapless and zygomatic implants.

Expert Dental Care in Tokyo

The mission of ZAGA Center Tokyo is to spread its in-depth knowledge of implant treatments via satisfied, healthy patients. Thanks to its professionalism, ORC Implant Clinic provides patients with advanced dental treatment and improved oral health. The whole team focuses on helping patients recover their quality of life through new functional, natural-looking teeth.

An Expert Dental Office

The professionals at ORC Implant Clinic specialize in various fields of dentistry. They understand the importance of full-mouth rehabilitation and are passionate about delivering exceptional results to improve the overall quality of their patient’s lives. At ORC Implant, they embrace the ZAGA philosophy and concept, applying patient-specific therapy in zygomatic rehabilitation, which is less invasive and offers better long-term results.

Dr. Masami Ando, Tokyo Dental Expert

Prof. Masami Ando is the chairman at ZAGA Center Tokyo, ORC Implant Clinic, and one of the few zygomatic implant Key Opinion Leaders. He graduated in 1983 from Showa University School of Dentistry, and in 1985 established ORC Implant Center in Tokyo. He is a member of the Japan Dental Association and the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology. Guided by the principles of the ZAGA philosophy, he consistently delivers outstanding surgical outcomes in restorative dental treatments, earning him a well-deserved reputation within the industry. Learn more about Dr. Ando here.

Dr. Masami Ando